Step By Step Guide To Choosing Flooring

Complicated? May be yes, may be no! But will never be! To help you make the rightest decision, we come with step by step guide to choosing flooring.

One you arrive at the home improvement stores, you will just feel excited to hundreds of HomesPure flooring options from the numerous top brands.

So don’t forget to have a background knowledge about how to choose the right flooring without too much time spent in front of the flooring options.

In general, there are some factors that will lead to you to determine the decision. They are moisture, durability, costs and many other considerations we also include in this article on this.

So let’s start have a quick read now!

High-Moisture Space

The first question that must be questioning your mind is whether or not you will install the floor in the high moisture spaces.

If you need a flooring for your high or medium moisture location, you can select concrete, ceramic or porcelain tile and vinyl tile.

Don’t use the flooring materials that are not recommended for wet locations or high moisture space unless you do the maintenance well.

Noticeably, hardwood is not included in the list of flooring for spaces with the high level of moisture.

If not, proceed to the next guide below.

You Have A Pet

The next thing influencing you to choose a flooring is whether or not you have a pet. If you do live with pet, you definitely need a pet-friendly floor which is designed with the wear resistance.

Don’t choose the flooring that easily scratches like solid hardwood. Instead, there are some durable flooring options to consider such as ceramic or porcelain tile, plank vinyl flooring, carpet and laminate flooring.

However, if you do not have a pet, it doesn’t matter. Proceed to the next guide.


Budget is usually the most sensitive factors listed in step by step guide to choosing flooring.

What is your flooring budget?

Make sure the flooring types you are interested in fit your budget well.

If you have $2.00 or less, you can select the bargain laminate flooring that looks like wood. Sheet and tile resilient flooring can be a good option in this price range.

There are also dozens of gorgeous ceramic and porcelain tile available in the price range but the tile is usually possessing al labor-intensive installation.

If you have $2.00 to $5.00, you can expect to purchase many different types of flooring, ranging from the domestic solid hardwood to engineered wood flooring, yet you cannot choose the exotic woods that may cost higher.

Luckily, the more attractive laminates are available in this price range as well as the luxury vinyl tile that offers the high quality.

Now if you have $5.00 or more, you can explore some of the harder and more exotic hardwood and engineered wood flooring such as Brazilian cherry, mahogany, ipe and kempas.

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You can also opt the high quality premium laminate flooring as well as the luxury vinyl flooring options.

In short, checking out the budget is very important to fit your budgeting system on your flooring projects. As a reference, linoleum can be much cheaper than the carpet while ceramic tile are more affordable than the marble.

It is recommended that you look for the flooring materials that you will be able to afford. Never overspend on flooring materials so that you can still have some money to purchase other necessary materials for your home.

Flooring Installation

Flooring installation is one of the most important guide to choosing flooring. It deals not only with the budgeting system but also the flexibility of the flooring installation itself.

Now let me ask you; do you want to install the flooring by yourself?

If yes, laminate flooring and plank vinyl flooring will be the flooring options offering you the easy way of DIY installation.

They are juts the floating floors, meaning that you need only to connect each boards to an adjacent boards.

If no, wall to wall carpet can one to consider. This carpet is hard to install for DIYers. For solid and engineered wood floors, nail-down is the proper installation technique.

Typically, hiring a professional installer also costs a lot. Further, you still need to figure out how a flooring can be installed. It is due to the fact that the harder the installation, the higher the cost of installation will be.

Thus, it is likely recommended that you choose the flooring with the DIY options.

Different types of flooring basically have different method of installation, too.

Again, either the flooring materials or the installation methods must also suit the spaces where the flooring will be installed on. If you find a flooring hard to install, do research in depth.

Find out you will be able to learn how to install it yourself or you need a professional installer instead.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the key to guide people to choose a flooring dealing with whether they want a high or low maintenance flooring.

If you tend to choose a flooring with low maintenance, any types of resilient vinyl flooring will be the best choice including the tile, sheet or plank.

Laminate flooring is also the second best choice you can consider just because it needs a bit cleaning methods and damp mops will ruin the floors.

On the other hand, if you thing that maintenance is not really a matter, solid hardwood can be the right option. Though both solid and engineered hardwood comes with the harder maintenance, but they worth it.

Sweeping and vacuuming are the regular maintenance for wood flooring while damp mopping is required to remove any difficult stains.

Just make sure you cover these floorings with the rugs and runners to keep them clean and look amazing.

Just keep in mind that you need to refer to yourself about how you will be able to maintain the floors and what kind of maintenance that suit you since you may have a high mobility in life.

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Hence, maintenance is also one of the key to step by step guide to choosing flooring.

Comfort Flooring

Some people prefer to look for a flooring at which the comfort is the first thing to consider. In this regards, carpet is best described to provide the users with the best comfort to feel.

Now carpet is available not only in synthetic fibers but also pure wool or mix of both. Carpets come in a wide selections of colors and budgets to suit every space.

In this case, you can choose the 80 per cent wool or 20 per cent synthetic carpet for the best mix of comfort, wear and thermal insulation.

Patterned carpets are now in trends, meaning that it is widely used on the globe not only because of its comfort but also due to its big selections.

Dealing with a comfort that a flooring may offer, wooden flooring will be good if you want an earthier and natural feel. On the other hand, if you want a luxurious feel, marble is available, too.

Stylish Look

If the stylish look is your one primary concern, real stone can be best taken into consideration. Truly, it is not only stylish but also a practical flooring solution.

This step by step guide to choosing flooring informs you that real tone includes slate, limestone, marble and terracotta tiles.

Each of these real stone floorings offer their own characteristics and bring special warmth to your kitchen, hallway or bathroom.

Noticeably, real stone flooring offers the stylish look than can transform your living room into the most amazing space at home.

Natural or real stone is a porous material, requiring you to adequately seal it when it is firstly laid and every few months.

Though it feels like stone, it will never feel cold like the ceramic tiles. Once you choose this flooring type for its stylish look, make sure you also choose the right surface finish due to the fact that the highly polished stone can be slippery especially when the floors are wet.

To fit the entire home interior, it would be better your home flooring is well-chosen to fit the entire interior design of the room. What kind of look you want to add in the space will be influenced by the flooring type you choose, too.

This step by step guide to choosing flooring also includes colors as ones of the consideration in selecting a flooring. Colors will create a big impact to the overall look of your interior.

It also add tones to the flooring style to complete the appearance of a flooring. If your home is already full of colors, light colors for the flooring will be much suitable.

Or if you want to add life to your home, you can choose a colorful linoleum or carpet.

Contemporary Look

Do you want a flooring with a contemporary look?

If yes, select resin or concrete flooring. Concrete flooring has more to offer. Some features added to this flooring include a smooth, seamless, hypoallergenic, noise-absorbing and waterproof surface. These features make the flooring easy to clean and hardwearing.

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Concrete flooring along with its contemporary look will much suit the bathroom, conservatory, utility area, kitchen and contemporary living room.

Concrete flooring is now available in any RAL color and several designs to incorporate the stone or glitter. In fact, concrete flooring is a good option to catch up interest.

Durable Flooring For Homes

Are you looking for a durable flooring for your lovely homes?

Believe it or not, rubber flooring can be opt well for a colorful and durable addition to your dwelling. Rubber flooring is high resilient along with the stunning bright shades.

This flooring type is typically suitable for play rooms, wet rooms and some contemporary living spaces.

Rubber flooring is constructed from the natural and sustainable synthetic. Though it needs a plywood subfloor, it is easy for DIY installation options. However, after you install it, you need a polished finished every six months.

In relation to the durability, you need also to search the characteristics of each flooring type. One of which is the lifespan.

Find out how long the flooring you are going to choose will last. Can it bear the heavy load in the home or will it just break?

Who Will Use The Floors

Another guide to choosing flooring to help you take consideration is who will use the floors.

It is considered important to know who will mostly walk on the floor so that you can find the most suitable flooring with the related characteristics.

For example, a flooring for pet care will be different from a flooring for homeowners. As simple as that.

If you are living with kids and pets, choose the flooring with the high resistance to scratch, wear and stains.

If you live with family suffering from asthma, you need a flooring that doesn’t contain Volatile Organic Compounds.

If it seems that you home is trafficking a lot, pick up one flooring that is suitable for high traffic footsteps.

Where To Use or Install The Flooring

Where you will install the flooring is also important to think about. It is because not all the flooring types are suitable with all home areas.

Flooring for kitchens is different from that for living room, right?

In this case, if you are looking for a flooring for kitchen, you can consider purchasing rubber, vinyl, cork and linoleum that are all easy to clean and able to prevent damage when plates or other utensils fall on.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a flooring for living rooms or bedrooms, wooden flooring and laminated flooring can be the right option to pick up.

One of the reasons is the fact that wood flooring has some exotic options which are amazing for livingroom.

What about bathrooms?

What kind of flooring will be suitable for this watery space?

Well, it is best described that ceramic tiles are good because bathrooms are wet most of the time.